Road Trip to 'Galvatraz'


Coined by locals as “Galvatraz”, Galveston, Texas is the kind of place, much like New Orleans, that becomes seemingly inescapable. We drove beachside in search of the locals' spot and couldn’t help but notice its simplicity as a quirky beach town. As bayou boys, we’re no strangers to simple living, and we're right at home with weird — and so, Galveston has its appeal.

Mostly harnessing southeast swell, it’s a beach break that runs along jetty’s and has a reform shore break. We ventured to 41st Street after driving the length of the beach in search of the best break. Per the locals: "Oh, did you see that one? That one was way better than 61st Street! Or that one! Definitely that one!" Truth be told, these breaks are similar anywhere on the beach.

We pulled up, saw a guy in the water, and decided to slide on our wetsuits and get out there. In the process, the guy made his way to the shore and introduced himself as 'Brian, owner of C-Sick Surf Lessons'. As we spoke, a few people drove by honking horns, Brian waving back. In no time people were pulling up, curious about our Louisiana license plate. Good vibrations all around, we decided to head out into the water.

The water is welcoming, though a bit brown — a nice reminder of the lake. Once out in the lineup, it was stacking up to be a knee-to-thigh-high kind of day with light winds and a rising tide. After a few hours, the tide had risen and it was time to paddle in. We'll be back, y'all. Surf Texas.